1. All participants (players-Athletes) must be in Sports attire all the time (Tracksuit-sport short-racing shorts-sports jerseys). You will understand that no casual wear and swimming wear will be entertained.

  2. Students, staff and corporate members are hereby informed that any postponement should be made 48 hours prior to their scheduled booking (18:00-22:00 hrs) at the UoM Gymnasium.

  3. UoM Staff and students who make the booking of court should be physically present when their accompanying guests come to play on the scheduled day.

  4. A maximum of 6 persons will be allowed per Badminton court.

  5. Only Non-Marking, soft-soled sports shoes are permitted on the court flooring.

  6. Food and alcoholic drink consumption, eating gums and smoking are strictly prohibited in the gymnasium and on UoM Sports premises

  7. All gymnasium users are requested to get dressed in the UoM Changing Room. It is strictly forbidden for users to undress elsewhere in the gymnasium.

  8. A maximum of 20 players will be allowed per booking for Indoor Football.