1. All requests for rental of UoM Gymnasium or part of the Gymnasium should be addressed to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Mauritius or the Chief of Facilities and Services in writing, at least two weeks before the proposed starting date. A quotation will then be issued.
  1. Payment of all rental charges should be effected to confirm booking of the sports facilities and prior to the use of the sports facilities. In case of non-acceptance of the quotation, the Vice Chancellor’s Office or the Chief of Facilities and Services’ Office should be informed accordingly.

For cancellations after payment of the relevant charges, you are advised to inform the University in writing the soonest possible.  A cancellation fee will be applied as per the following schedule:


 Date of Receipt of Written

 Cancellation Notice

Cancellation Fee

(% Rental Charges)


 Above 15 weekdays from booked date



 6-15 weekdays from booked date



 From 2 to 5 weekdays from booked date   



 Less than 1 weekday from booked date


Note 1: The “weekdays” refer to normal working days i.e. from Monday to Friday and exclude weekends.

Note 2: The Administrative and Supervision charges are non-refundable, irrespective of the timing of the cancellation notice.

  1. To monitor access to the Gymnasium, a list of staff members and the corresponding National Identity Card Number is required. All players should bring their own equipment.
  1. The gymnasium rules should be adhered to.
  1. Safety Precautions - It shall be your responsibility to ensure that all necessary safety precautions are taken in respect of the use of the sport facilities by your staff/guests/participants.
  1. Insurance - You may wish to secure your own insurance cover for the use of the sports facilities for your staff/guests/participants. The University shall in no way be liable for any injury arising from the use of these facilities by you and your staff/guests/participants.
  1. The above rental rates may be subject to change, as and when decided by the University Authorities.