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In 1990 there was a request from the Ministry of Education for the urge to recruit a physical education teacher or a sports officer for the University of Mauritius which had a student population of around 1000 students.

Why this need? Because they felt that education would not be holistic without physical education and sports. At that time only a few indoor games tournaments were organised by members of the students' union. These indoor tournaments were left incomplete.

With the arrival of the new Sports officer, the organization of the indoor tournaments could be well organised and framed with rules and regulations. Despite of the lack of sports infrastructures, arrangements were made with other sports institutions so as to organize activities like football, badminton tournaments, swimming and annual sports day. Other sports tournaments like volleyball, basketball, tennis were run at the Maryse Justin Sports complex. Prizes were awarded to winners and runners up so as to motivate more students to participate in sports activities.

In 1997 there was the setting up of the University Sports Committee with objectives to:

  • Encourage participation of staff and students in sports and leisure activities.
  • Set up guidelines or procedures for the organization of sports activities on campus.
  • Monitor the organization of sport activities.

Over this period, the Sports unit has established a database of recreational facilities at Reduit, drawn up procedures for the use of facilities after hours, monitor the purchase of sports equipment and made appropriate recommendations.

With the second phase development of the University of Mauritius, more space could be available to students at the new students common room and an office was provided for the sports unit. In addition indoor games like babyfoot, pinballs and pool tables have been placed so as to offer more leisure activities to students. As at date the UoM Sports Unit of the University of Mauritius is well structured, comprising of one Sports Organiser, one Sports officer, one Technical Assistant/Senior Technical Assistant, one clerk, one Sports office Attendant and one general field Attendant to have a better control of sports equipment issued to students and for a better organisation and monitoring of sports activities on the campus for a student population of 12,000 and approximately 2,000 staff. The UoM Sports Unit has the following outdoor facilities operational for students, staff and corporate firms:

  1. A Levelled football pitch
  2. A Beach Volley/Soccer pitch
  3. A Boulodrome in front of the UoM Staff Club