On behalf of all my colleagues, it is my privilege to welcome you to the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEED) at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Mauritius. Electrical and electronic engineering has transformed the world over multiple generations, and continues to impact on practically every area of our lives, including communications, entertainment, manufacturing, transport, energy, the environment, etc. As we enter the technology-driven fourth industrial revolution, you will find a place in this exciting field with our various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

We currently offer three Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) courses in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering with Networking, and Mechatronics Engineering (jointly with the Mechanical and Production Engineering Department), that will drive you to the forefront of specialist areas of electrical and electronic engineering and help you master a skillset that meets industry needs. In line with the policy of the Faculty of Engineering, the EEED is currently in the process of seeking international accreditation of these three engineering programmes with the Engineering Council of South Africa with a view to  facilitate global mobility and increase employment opportunities for our graduates. In addition, we offer two Master of Science (M. Sc) courses while our staff also engage in supervision of students for Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees.

All our programmes are taught by a team of highly motivated and dedicated professionals who will shape you for an exciting career in electrical and electronic engineering design and consultancy. Our expertise ranges broadly across numerous fields of focus, from power systems, renewable energy, power electronics, signal processing, control systems and robotics, to telecommunications engineering, networking, Internet of Things, cloud computing, machine learning and optimization. Deep knowledge in these fields is what enables us to meaningfully contribute to research and industry-based projects.

I firmly believe that we have never lived in a more exciting time for electrical and electronic engineering than we live in right now. Therefore, I welcome you to engage with our department, explore our teaching and research programmes and reach out to us with any questions.