Understanding complex communication systems and implementation thereof is not easy without the appropriate support of laboratory experiments and demonstrations. This laboratory provides the necessary training resources for undergraduate students in Electronic & Communication Engineering, Electronic & Computer Science, Information & Communication Technology and Physics with Electronics. The career outlets from these degrees vary from industrial to research & development sectors. The objective of this lab is to familiarise students with the rapidly evolving world of modern communications 


Students perform practical exercises on specially designed training panels and modules that offer a complete course of study into the fundamentals of analog and digital communications

  • Analog Communications Training Panel System: provides students training on modulation techniques such as such as AM (Amplitude Modulation) and FM (Frequency Modulation)
  • Digital Communications Modules: provide students with a complete introduction to digital communications ranging from signal sampling & reconstruction to fibre-optic communications systems
  • Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Digital Multi-Meters, Fixed & Variable Power Supplies, Analog & Digital Communications Training Panel Systems


  • Telephone Exchange Technology Training Panel System: provides basic insight into the telephone exchange technology for long distance calls using electromechanical components (selectors and relays) and an introduction to ISDN with modern digital exchange technology
  • Microwave Trainer System: enables students to investigate the principles of microwave transmission systems such as those used in radar and communication links

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