12 8085 VMC kits
12 Microprocessor application trainer kits
  • To learn the elements of microprocessor applications techniques
  • Introduces the fundamentals of computers, Processors and their micro – counterparts. Exposition to hardware.
  • To introduce elements of programming and deal with problems requiring interfacing microprocessors with external devices.


  • This kit is concerned with the nature and applications of semiconductor devices for switching power.
  • It enables students to discover the characteristics of SCR’s, TRIACS, UJT’s and other devices used similarly or in conjunction with them and also to examine the behaviour of circuits in which they are used.
  • Study the use of electronics for measuring and controlling the speed of a motor.fv


  • This kit is used in conjunction with the Measurement Science module to study how a physical quantity we want to measure must be converted into a form of information which we can easily use and interpret.
    • Familiarize students with transducers like Resistive, L.V.D.T,Strain Guage, Platinum, Thermocouple, Thermistor etc.


  • The modular servo system is particularly intended for experimental use by students who are starting on studies of closed-loop control system. Control system includes position control and speed control.


  • Matlab 6.5 which is a high performance interactive software package for scientific and engineering numeric computation. it integrates numerical analysis, matrix computation, signal processing and graphics in an easy-to-use environment.
  • PSPICE : a powerful software for circuit design and simulation. Graphical output and input can be printed. possibility to change component parameters and study their effects on outputs.
  • Turbo C is used for programming,programs are written and can be run for on-screen display or to interact with external devices through parallel and serial ports.

Special input/output ,A/D, DAQ cards may also be installed to interface with external devices.


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