University Council Meeting


Statutory Provisions in the University Statutes 2013 with respect to Council Meetings


List of Council Members - As per Section 20 (1) of the University of Mauritius Statutes 2013

The Pro-Chancellor as Chairperson

Mr Preeaduth Chitamun, CSK

The Vice-Chancellor

Professor S K Sobhee 

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academia)

Professor M I Santally

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources)

Associate Professor (Dr) D Surroop

The Chief of Facilities and Services

Mr H Goolap

A Dean of Faculty to serve by rotation for six months

Professor M F Mahomoodally

An elected representative of the academic staff of the University

Professor M Bhuruth, OSK

An elected representative of the non-academic staff of the University

Mr M I Sookhroo

An elected representative of the Students of the University

Ms S L Imambaccus

Such other members not exceeding 9, 3 of whom shall be from the Public Sector, nominated by the Prime Minister from among persons who have been recommended to him by the appropriate professional bodies or institutions and who have distinguished themselves in the fields of education, agriculture, the arts, government, science and technology, business and the professions

  • Dr (Mrs) A Gungoosingh-Bunwaree
  • Mr Y Munbodh
  • Mr K C Nazroo
  • Dr B Ori
  • Dr R Auckloo
  • Mr R Jadoo
  • Mr S Ramgolam
  • Mr V Ramkhalawon
  • Mr T K N Tin Powe Hoo

Council Secretary

Mrs S Boodhoo-Saroar

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