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Community Service at L`Ecole Des Sourds- Beau Bassin

Et si tu me prêtais  l'oreille  !!!!

As part of our planned Community Service Activities, the PR’s Office undertook its third  activity at L’Ecole des Sourds et Malentendants at Beau Bassin on Wednesday 6th March 2019 .

I had a prior field visit and meeting with the School’s Director and teachers  to determine what would be most appropriate activities to be held with the Students there.

It was decided to work out visual activities in connection with their school projects. After discussions the themes retained were Spring Festival, Education of Hygiene, and Education of Road Security.

At the level of the Office, we constituted a team. We grouped volunteers: UoM Students and Staff and they participated actively in the event. Funds were raised in no time. and covered our expenses  which comprised a finger lunch and printed booklet and writing materials.

 Besides the activities planned, our aim was to make the PR team well aware of Social and Educational needs of Children with hearing disabilities and how each one of us can assist them.

On their side, the Students, Teachers and Staff at EDS   brought considerable insight to the  UoM PR team . They shared through a Mauritian sign Language ( MSL) presentation their concept  of “ La Culture des Sourds” and the challenges they meet in their daily life.

They greatly appreciated the consideration University of Mauritius Students and Staff were providing to them.


Mrs Nivault


This is the second Community Service organised by the PR`s Office in collaboration with Students of the UoM.

A visit to SOS Village was held on 20th November 2018. Prior to the visit, a field work was conducted with the social workers at the Village to discuss on an " efficient service" to be given to the Children at the Village.

Our 3 thronged objectives were as follows:
(i) UoM Students exploring the environment of the SoS village to better understand the Educational Concept of the Village.
(ii) Donation, Serving and Sharing of Food by Staff and UoM Students with the SoS Village children in order to experience the " being at the service of others.
(iii) Customised Open Air Activities to assist in fun and recreational moments with children deprived from their biological families.

All our objectives were met .

Lunch was generously donated by a staff of UoM.

PR`s Office collected funds for the activity which allowed us to buy pedagogical and recreational stuff and customised them ourselves to suit the needs of the children.

UoM Students and Staff who participated were well prepared for the activity and delivered an excellent service.

The SOS Children learnt about the University and the importance of education from the Students and Staff present and hopefully this would have a positive impact on them.

Follow up with the centre for future visits with other groups is envisaged.

Those who are interested may contact us at the Office9 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), 4037535

Mrs Nivault

The Office participated in the name of the University, in the Community Work organised by the 'Students at Work club ' on 15th October 2018 at the Balgobeen Ashram at St Paul, Vacoas.

Some 50 elderlies live at this home . They were all males from different cultural and ethnic groups.

A lunch was given to them by the Students. The PR`s Office offered the desserts which were bought with contribution of Staff.

An interactive session was held with the elderly who enthusiastically participated in Quizz and Songs.

Students were from different fields of Study( sociology, IT , FlM,...)

It is to be noted that to the surprise of the Students, very often the Seniors challenged the students by their knowledge in the different fields of science and health matters....

The event was much appreciated by the Seniors and they look forward to see more similar actions by the University.

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