IT Tips & Procedures

IT Tips & Procedures

Bringing a computer system online

1. Purchase Decision:

a. Coordinate with CITS on the services and areas it will serve.

b. Coordinate with CITS on systems design and specification.

2. Receipt of the System:

a. Coordinate with CITS for assistance on system compliance.

b. Comply with the guidelines on systems documentation, installation and inventory.

3. Prepare System to be brought into service:

a. System must be installed with an operating system that is compliant with existing systems within the UoM network and has been cleared by CITS.

b. System must meet security, access, and domain guidelines as appropriate.

c. System must adhere to all naming conventions, IP addressing and other network access guidelines that have been set forth by CITS.

d. The systems services (mail, DHCP, Naming, Web, Ftp, etc.) must be coordinated with CITS before being brought into service and must meet the guidelines that have be set forth for the services.

e. System must use the appropriate network protocols and not violate the bandwidth restrictions or protocol restrictions set forth by CITS.

f. System must be maintained according to the guidelines set forth by CITS including all necessary backups, security upgrades and log archiving.

4. Changes to the system services or equipment that affect any of the guidelines set forth by CITS must first be coordinated with CITS.

5. Make the necessary request to CITS for the computer or service you are requesting.
Our Helpdesk extension no is 7777.

6.Be sure and read all other related polices.

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