Sruti Jeetun UoM media labwork

The University of Mauritius is pleased to announce that Miss Sruti Jeetun, a PhD student at the Department of Biosciences and Ocean Studies of the Faculty of Science has been awarded a prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship from the topmost Coral Reef Society - International Coral Reef Society (ICRS) (

This award underscores the outstanding academic achievement and dedication of Ms Jeetun to coral reef research. Her research project is being locally supervised by Professor (Dr) Ranjeet Bhagooli, recipient of the ISRS World Reef Award in 2018, and Associate Professor (Dr) Nawsheen Taleb-Hossenkhan.

Ms Jeetun and her supervisors are greatly indebted to the Department of Biosciences & Ocean Studies, the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Senior Management and the VC for all the support for her studies to this award
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